Blackshaw’s Brown Stripe Beaded Design Pressure Halter

  • Rope pressure halter.
  • Classic design.
  • Hand crafted multi-stripe beaded design on top part of the noseband
  • One size fits all.


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Know more about your Product

  •  Blackshaw’s Brown Stripe Beaded Pressure Halter
  • Made from a hard-wearing polypropylene 10mm diameter rope this halter provides an ideal way to lead and work with your horse on the ground.
  • Used widely in America, it is becoming more popular here.
  • When you use one you will fully understand why they are so effective.
  • The rope over the poll and nose makes the horse more reactive to what you are asking him or her to do and avoids the horse ‘ leaning’ or ‘pulling’ when being asked to lead up quietly.
  • The underside of the Beaded Noseband is lined with soft fabric so as not to irritate the horse in any way.
  • The simplicity of this halter makes it easy to take on and off, is ideal for ground and lead training and makes your communication with the animal much easier.
  • We currently only provide one size ( please refer to the measurement chart) and have found this fits a very wide range of different horses’ and ponies’ heads.
  • Some trainers also lunge horses in these halters. I have found that horses drop their heads naturally low and work well over their backs which, long term, encourages better hind leg engagement.
  • Tiny seed beads made from glass have been used to make your halter vibrant and fun . These have been painstakingly hand-threaded by home workers to make the product you now see.
  • Do not leave this head-collar on a loose horse or when turned out in the field.

Care Instructions

  • To clean,we recommend that you only wipe these beads with a lightly damp cloth.
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