Blackshaw’s ‘Loosemeknot’ Slow Grazing Net

  • Multi Colour.
  • Small hole multi colour hay/haylage net.
  • 70cms wide x 95cms long – Approx. capacity 4kg when full.
  • Strong tie up rope.
  • Made from soft polypropylene twine making it longer lasting.
  • Small holes do not stretch.


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  • We hope you and your horse enjoy your Blackshaw’s ‘ Losemeknot’ Slow Grazing Net.
  • Made from a hardwearing polypropylene twine this net lasts longer than the conventional nets made of plastic.
  • Its stripes of bright colour  make it hard to miss and it will not go missing on the yard.
  • Small 4cm-square holes slow the horse’s feeding time and, being made of twine, the holes do not get pulled and stretched as in most nets.
  • The net is approx. 70cms wide and 95cms long with the capacity to hold around 4kg of hay.
  • These square bottom nets make filling with conventional bales of hay much quicker as the sections simply slide in easily.
  • The tie- up rope is extra strong and heat-sealed.
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