Blackshaw’s ‘Heavenly’ Pure Silk Multi Colour Jacquard Paisley Wrap

  • Colour – Aqua/Multi Paisley.
  • 100% Silk wrap.
  • Stunning paisley floral jacquard design.
  • Two scarves in one as different colours on each side.
  • 70cms wide x 180cms long.
  • Made in India.


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  •  Blackshaw’s ‘Heavenly ’ Pure Silk multi-colour jacquard paisley wrap.
  • For centuries Silk items have been valued, traded with and sought-after for its amazing ability to keep in warmth during cold periods despite being very thin and feather-weight to wear.
  • Its lightness also means that, when worn in hot weather, the excess heat from the body is expelled, helping your body remain comfortable and cool.
  • Silk is also hypo-allergenic.
  • Silk is the strongest natural fibre in the world. Throughout history is has been a hotly desired commodity and has been a key trading tool playing a large part in East /West relations.
  • Silk is amazing in the fact that it not only regulates body temperature but also has an  ability to show the most beautiful pearlescent colours to their best advantage.
  • The silk yarn  we have used is dyed in AZO and Cadmium-free dyes enabling less damage to this  yarn.
  • These silk shawls are woven on some of the world’s most advanced machinery in the Punjab region of India.
  • Paisley designs have been a treasured design for many centuries and are timeless and beautiful. The high-definition jacquard weave of these scarves means that each side holds is own treasure of wonderful colours varying on both sides . This allows it to go with a multitude of items in your wardrobe, dressing it up and adding flair and style to whatever you may decide to wear.
  • These large shawls measure 70cms wide and 180cms long, allowing them to be worn in a multitude of different ways ( Refer to our ‘ How to Wear’ Blog)
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